Matheus Dubronks

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What year were you born?
Where were you born and what influenced you most about that place?
São Paulo, Brazil, everything I'm came from Brazil, my way how I live it's everything influenced from São Paulo
Where do you currently live and why did you decide to make it your home?
Im living in Spain, Barcelona, ​​I have a lot of homies and my family in bcn.
What are you passionate about and what is your biggest motivator?
Be in the streets with my homies skating and cruising around, this makes me breathe and feel alive, my family is my motivation every single day.
What do you like to do in your free time besides your passion?
Family travel
How long have you been skateboarding and what inspired you to start?
Around 15 years, a lot of homies in my neighborhood,lemon3 push me up.
What's your favorite trick and why?
Fs flip, it's about feeling
What is your favorite skatespot and what sets it apart from others?
I don't know yet, maybe the next one, nobody knows what comes next, that is special
Are you goofy or normal?

"UNITED" Matheus Du Bronks and Daniel Ledermann