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Baggy pants: the classic skatewear

streetwear and Baggy pants simply belong together. That's why comfortably cut pants are often the first thing people think of when they hear the term. You can move around easily in them. Because our models slightly tapered are cut, i.e. they taper slightly from the knee onwards, so you don't accidentally step on the hem.

In terms of materials, you have a free choice with us. Our Baggy jeans are the OG among baggy pants. Thanks to the denim they are robust and durable? just the thing for skating. Besides we have Baggy corduroy pants and Baggy chinos to you. In the Baggy cargo pants you have lots of additional storage space. We recommend ours for hot days Baggy shorts. This way you are prepared for anything.

Casual t-shirts for every day

Pants alone are not enough, so we have them too cozy T-shirts that you are guaranteed to wear for more than just skating. You are from Cotton and therefore super comfortable on the skin. In addition to models in black, white and gray, you will find ones in olive, blue and yellow. This will bring some color into everyday life.

The shirts are for real homies. She adorns ours Homeboy logo in different designs . Most have a rather simple print on the front, but an even bolder back. Choose the model that appeals to you most? or simply fill up your wardrobe.

Comfortable hoodies

As soon as the temperatures drop and the number of rainy days increases, it's time for hoodies. Do you see it the same way? Perfect, then take a look around our range now. The oversized sweater with the big hood We make them from cotton or a cotton blend and are therefore wonderfully warm. Thanks to the kangaroo pocket you always have enough space.

Most hoodies come in black, white and gray and therefore go well with any trousers. Thanks to the neutral colors, they are by no means monotonous. Similar to the T-shirts, we have immortalized our Homeboy logos and artwork here. You decide whether it's particularly eye-catching or more discreet.

Jackets for wind and weather

Of course, jackets cannot be missing from our streetwear. Especially in the Transition period you should always have one with you. To fit your style, we have both jackets Jeans as well as out Cord as well as Twill to select. They are all made of durable material, which makes them ideal everyday companions. On the front we added a colorful accent with our colorful Homeboy logo.

Our denim jackets also come with a soft teddy fleece fed. This makes them ideal winter jackets. But you can also get them as an unlined version, just like the other models.

Our Loud Couture

The name is no coincidence: Homeboy was in the front row from the start. We had that in the 1990s Streetwear made popular in Germany . That's why you'll find the slogan “The Original Baggy Pants” on our baggy pants. Even back then, skating was our great passion that we wanted to share with the world. We intentionally rely on this Old school vibe that is reminiscent of that time. Become part of the crew and discover our skatewear.

As long-time skaters with our own team, we have a lot of experience in the scene, which shows in our clothes. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time contact form contact us or just give us a call.