Our baggy cargo pants: the main thing is pockets

Going to the skate park with a backpack? This isn't necessarily the ideal idea for all skaters. You would like to simply carry your important things on your body. Our baggy cargo pants are exactly the right choice for this. Thanks to the numerous pockets, you always have everything you need with you. They offer space for your wallet, but also for other essentials.

Cotton and ripstop ensure that the pants can withstand a lot of skating. So if it ever gets you off the board, you don't have to worry about new baggy pants. The x-tra baggy cut is also super comfortable. Since the legs are tapered and therefore don't slip over your sneakers, you have the all-round worry-free package. In terms of color, you can choose between black or different shades of green. The latter give the Baggy Cargo Pants the vintage look of our 90s and 00s trousers, which makes them so popular.

Baggy chinos: airy and casual

Going to the skate park in summer is primarily a very warm affair given the high temperatures. So choose our baggy chinos. They're made from breathable cotton that helps you stay focused. This gives them a decisive advantage over denim jeans. With them, nothing stands in the way of an extended skate session, even in sunny weather. They are also tapered, meaning they come together below the knee, so you can skate carefree.

Thanks to their cut, men's baggy chinos are your ideal everyday companion. They always look stylish, so you can easily wear them to work in the morning. Still aren't they too fine? just the perfect balance. You can get our pants in a timeless black or stylish beige to match. Combine them with your favorite sneakers and a basic shirt? suitable for office and curbs.

Old-school vibes that are convincing

Each of our models has the typical homeboy look that brings the 90s into the present. This includes our black and white logo as a patch on the belt loop and a rainbow tab on the right side pocket. Live the OG vibe with us.

To ensure it fits well, you need the right size. Check out which one suits you best in the table below:














Waist circumference (cm)













In addition to the circumference, the leg length is crucial so that your legs are sufficiently covered but you don't trip over the material. That's why we offer three lengths: 100 centimeters (L30), 106 centimeters (L32) and 112 centimeters (L34). Simply put the two numbers together and the baggy pants can end up in your shopping cart.

Loud Couture? We know what's important when it comes to baggy cargo pants

Our brand stands for homies who dare to do something and live out their passion for street style to the fullest. We also dared to do something, namely to make baggy pants known in Europe. Homeboy is one of the pioneers here and has shown critics how big the skate and hip-hop scene is here. We build on our success and continue to provide our crew with high-quality pieces that they can rely on. When are you coming?

Are you still unsure which of our baggy pants suits your style or do you have questions about our products? Then just call us or write to us using our contact form.