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Our baggy pants: as diverse as you

Monotonous is boring? That's exactly what we thought about our pants. Therefore they are available in many different colors, lengths and cuts . Match your pants to your skating habits, not the other way around.

  • If you would like to have a little more space, but baggy pants have legs that are too wide, then choose our loose fit models. The so-called x-tra LOOSE denims offer enough scope without appearing bulky.
  • Our x-tra BAGGY is the epitome of classic baggy pants. With it you can revive the 90s vibe, both in everyday life and on the board.
  • Baggy isn't enough for you? Do you really want maximum freedom despite wearing long trousers? We have the ideal fit for you: x-tra MONSTER. The name says it all, the extra wide legs not only look awesome, they also allow you to make the wildest movements.

Our models are slightly tapered. This means that they become narrower from knee height so that the material falls loosely over your shoes and not over them. This means you won't destroy the hem, but you'll be able to enjoy your new baggy pants for a long time. It sits fitted at the hips so nothing slips.

Won't let you down

In addition to legroom, the material is extremely important. After all, you should rely on your pants. This includes being able to withstand unwanted movements and possible falls. It can pull you off your board, especially when learning new tricks. But with our baggy pants you don't have to worry. We rely on robust materials and first-class workmanship.

Depending on which material you prefer, you have the following choice:

  • Denim : Our baggy jeans are the true OG and are reminiscent of the 90s. It has a casual cut and is your faithful companion for every skate session. With it you are prepared for every situation. A true all-rounder No matter what style you have, from muted deep blue tones to washed-out, we have every shade for you.
  • Corduroy : Are you looking for a tear-resistant baggy, but don't feel like having another pair of jeans in your closet? Then grab our baggy corduroy pants. Thanks to the material, they can withstand it if you take a closer look at the floor. From classic black, to olive and beige to light blue tones, everything is included.
  • Chino : Lightweight chinos are ideal for skating, especially in higher temperatures. The breathable fabric doesn't let the heat get to your head. In addition, the fashionable cut ensures that you can also wear the pants when visiting family. Choose the right one for you from various sand tones or black.
  • Cargo : Cargo pants also have a lightweight fabric that is perfect for the warmer months. The additional pockets on the sides mean you have enough space for everything you need on the go. A stylish space miracle in black and olive tones.

For that real old-school feeling, we stayed true to the 90s in terms of design. All of our models have the typical colorful “homeboy x-tra” embroidery above the left front pocket as well as a fly tab in rainbow colors. Our long baggy pants made of corduroy and jeans also have an x-shaped embroidery on the back pockets.

Made for every type

Our baggy pants are there for all the homies who share our passion. That's why our pants have a unisex cut and are available in many sizes. For the long versions we offer three leg lengths: L30 (100 cm), L32 (106 cm) and L34 (112 cm).

To ensure that the pants fit optimally, we have several sizes for you. Simply measure your hip circumference and the following table will tell you which size fits you:














Waist circumference (in cm)













Then you combine the length with the circumference and find your perfect size.

Wear with our The Original Baggy Pant

Our baggy pants not only exude the old-school vibe, they also come from that. At the beginning of the 90s, Homeboy was the first brand to make wide trousers known in Europe. Even back then, our hearts were burning for streetwear. Today we have adjusted the cut of the baggy pants with a tapered fit, but the requirement is still the same. We want to make clothes for the people who enjoy skating and the lifestyle like we do. That's why we designed Loud Couture.

If you have any questions about our baggy pants or our other products, please contact us using our contact form or simply give us a call.