Streetwear hoodies made from warming materials

If you don't feel like wearing jackets at all, then hoodies are the ideal alternative. They keep you just as warm and allow you enough freedom of movement. So you can get on the board and practice tricks. Like our other tops, our streetwear hoodies are made of cotton. This means they are breathable despite their thickness, so the heat doesn't get to your head. The renewable raw material is simply comfortable to wear.

Some of our models are also lined with soft fleece, which is particularly useful in the winter months. This gives you an extra portion of comfort. You get even more storage space with the kangaroo pocket on your stomach. Can you always store small items within easy reach? or just warm up your hands every now and then.

Our models have a large hood, which further increases comfort. A little history course on the side: The hoodie originally comes from the USA. It was designed there in the 1930s as part of the workwear for employees in cold storage facilities. He made it from the workplace to the streets in the 70s and 80s? Fortunately! Because today nobody really wants to do without him.

Skatewear hoodies with logo print

Not only do you get a cool piece of clothing in your wardrobe with our hoodies, but you also show that skating and homeboy are part of your lifestyle. You can get our printed hoodies with different versions of our logo. How about a little color? Our "THE BIGGER HOMIE" hoodies feature a bold logo with our iconic diamond in the background.

If you prefer something classic, our well-known logo from the 80s is definitely something for you. By the way, the dots in the letters of our logo were created because we enlarged it on the copier.

Embroidered skatewear hoodies

Homeboy is loud, that's exactly what we express with our Loud Couture, which is present. Show that you are one of our homies with our embroidered hoodies. Depending on the model, our logo, for example, is cheeky with a diamond in the background. Our Monster logo for our x-tra MONSTER baggy pants is also a real OG design. No matter which design you choose, they all underline your style and are your companion to the skate park or in the city.

Wear Loud Couture all year round

By the way, the term Loud Couture doesn't come from anywhere: Homeboy dared to do something right from the start and set new standards. We brought the baggy pants to Europe back then and are therefore largely responsible for their success. We also show this with our slogan “The Original Baggy Pants”.

You can easily order exactly these from our shop . No matter whether you would like them as baggy jeans or, for example, as baggy corduroy, you will find a wide range of options in the area of ​​baggy pants. We also have skatewear T-shirts that have a casual cut. Just wear them under your streetwear hoodie. This means you have clothes that not only look nice, but are also ideal for skating.

Get ready for fall with our streetwear hoodies

At Homeboy you can equip yourself with a complete range of skatewear. We know what is important about the pieces and what they have to fulfill. Therefore, you can be sure that you will only get the highest quality clothing from us. This also applies to our hoodies. Thanks to their cut, you have maximum freedom and are still dressed warmly enough. Grab your favorite model now.