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Casual, casual, baggy jeans

Our oversize jeans are true all-rounders . They sit ultra-comfortably and fitted on the hips and follow your every movement. That's exactly how skatewear should be. You can get our Loud Couture in different fits:

  • x-tra LOOSE: Strictly speaking, our loose-fit jeans are not baggy jeans, but straight leg, as they have a straight leg. Nevertheless, they are wide cut.
  • x-tra BAGGY: If baggy jeans, then extra baggy. The wide leg gives you all the freedom you need when skating. In contrast to the OG version from the 90s, it is minimally cropped.
  • x-tra MONSTER: Our x-tra baggy jeans aren't enough for you? Then grab our x-tra monster variant. Here you really have maximum freedom of movement.

All models are tapered, which means that they taper slightly from the knee to the bottom of the leg so that the hem rests on your shoes/sneakers and you don't accidentally step on them.

Our baggy denim from the 90s is available in several shades of blue, depending on your taste. From a deep, typical indigo blue to light, washed-out shades, everything is included. Take a look now and see if your favorite model has your favorite color.

Comfortable through everyday life with our baggy jeans

Homeboy's baggy jeans are not just made for skate sessions. You can also wear them in everyday life for maximum comfort. Simply combine it with a loose-fitting oversized shirt for the perfect streetwear look.

Our models come in a 5-pocket style. This means that in addition to the two back pockets, you have two front pockets and another smaller pocket. That's why you have enough space for your cell phone, your wallet and whatever else you need in everyday life.

Each of our oversized jeans has signature Homeboy branding. This includes a colored “homeboy x-tra” embroidery located under the waistband, an X-shaped embroidery on the back pocket and a rainbow fly tab. This creates a vintage look that is reminiscent of the early days of our brand.

Won't let you down

Our baggy denims are not just your constant companion in the skate park and in everyday life. Thanks to the material, she is always there for you, like a good friend. Jeans are particularly tear-resistant and robust. This is why your 90s jeans can withstand many a fall during a skate session. And they can happen from time to time.

The pants are made of denim. Behind it is cotton that has been woven together so strongly that it creates a solid structure. The type of fabric has its origins in southern France. By the way, that's where the name comes from. In the original it is called “Serge de Nîmes”, with the last two words becoming a new one. We've incorporated a small amount of elastane into our jeans to give you the flexibility you need to move however you want.

Our baggy jeans: always fit perfectly

With our baggy jeans you will look good anywhere. To ensure the right fit, we have several sizes in our range, so every homie can find the perfect baggy jeans for themselves. To find out your size, it depends on your leg length and hip circumference. We offer three different leg lengths: from 30 to 34. This corresponds to 100, 106 or 112 centimeters.

When it comes to circumference, we have sizes 24 to 36 for you. Simply take a look at our size chart to find your corresponding number:














Waist circumference (in cm)













Now you simply combine the two numbers and buy your jeans in, for example, 28 L32 or 34 L32. The right size is important so that the pants fit loosely on the hips but you don't lose them during a trick. Plus, as long jeans, they should cover your entire leg.

When it comes to baggy jeans, trust the experts

Homeboy and baggy jeans go together like a board and a halfpipe. At the beginning of the 90s we were the first brand to bring baggy jeans onto the market in the EU. With our slogan “The Original Baggy Pant” we show exactly that. Today more in demand than ever, we caused a stir back then. Loud Couture, as we call our brand. Back then, only a few people believed in the assertiveness of baggy pants? Today she can't be missed at any skate session.

Our passion for skating should also be reflected in our clothes. That's why we brought skatewear to Germany. With over 30 years of experience, we know exactly what baggy pants and all other components of streetwear should look like. Of course, we test our pants where they belong: on a skateboard, with our own team of enthusiastic skaters.

Do you have any questions about our baggy jeans? Then write to us using the contact form or simply give us a call.

Your wardrobe shouldn't only consist of baggy jeans and the models are too warm for you, especially in summer? No problem, with us you will also find baggy shorts, baggy cargo pants and chinos as well as baggy corduroy pants. Feel free to take a look around our shop!