Socks as an essential

Let's be honest: The most stylish homie loses all of his or her style the moment the baggy pants ride up and shabby socks appear. And in summer, ballerina socks should disappear from the closets of anyone who cares about their outfit. Tennis socks from Homeboy are durable, comfortable and enhance any fit.



Without a belt it just doesn't work


Have you ever seen Bugs Bunny without a carrot or Donald Trump without a toupee? No! Why? There are simply some things that belong together inseparably. The same goes for your baggy jeans and a belt. If you want to wear wide pants, you sometimes have to buy a size larger. And this is where the belt comes into play and keeps your pants where they belong every day... under your bum.



Caps for every happening

The homeboy caps are unisex and suitable for every style and every situation. Combined with your x-tra MONSTER denim , you will always look fresh on the streets with your homies. You can wear the baseball caps with your x-tra MONSTER CHINO when you go out in the evening.

Hipbags for free pockets

Full pockets are no longer an issue with baggy pants for women. But a handbag is simply not for everyone. But our shoulder bags are! Whether across the upper body or around the hips, they can easily store all your belongings and take the weight off your baggy jeans.