Embroidered Shirts: Keep it simple

Our embroidered skatewear shirts impress with their minimalism. This way you make a statement without coming to the fore. They fit airy and are slightly oversized. So you can wear them in the summer without any problems. On the left side we have embroidered our Homeboy logo in different styles. Little fun fact: The golden yellow color of the yarn should look familiar to you if you are already the proud owner of one of our baggy pants. On our Homeboy x tra tees you can even find our iconic embroidery that adorns our baggies.

Loud prints that stand out

If you don't feel like restraint, you can choose our printed streetwear shirts. Most models have our Homeboy logo printed on the left chest and an eye-catching backpiece. Well-behaved on the front and exuberant on the back? or so. The motifs are real classics from our beginnings. This brings the 80s and 90s into the present. Quite rightly so, because they are always convincing.

In addition to the art pieces, we of course have logo shirts in our range. Here you not only have the choice between different colors, but also between styles. Our logo appears in the tried-and-tested black or white with a corresponding frame or colorful in front of a diamond. Additionally, we have cool collaborations that present it in a completely new light, like the Smiley collaboration. The T-shirts are also oversized and give you enough freedom.

Breathable and tear-resistant

All of our streetwear shirts are made from 100% cotton. This makes them very resilient , which is especially important when skating. This means you can move around in them completely unrestricted. Thanks to the breathable material, you don't have to worry about high temperatures even during skate sessions: you'll still cut a good figure with your streetwear shirt.

It's not just the cool cut that makes our homeboy tees so unmistakable. Of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to sew our fly tab in rainbow colors on the side. This underlines the vibe of the 90s and is also something like our signature.

Skatewear T-shirts made of cotton are also really comfortable to wear thanks to the soft material. Just grab your favorite shirt in the morning and start the day relaxed. So that you can use it for a long time, it is best to wash it at low temperatures; 30 to 40 degrees is sufficient. Turn the shirt inside out to protect the print. Voila, you can put it back on.

Combine your shirts with matching skate pants

Do you know what goes really well with our skatewear t-shirts? Our baggy pants! In combination, the nice street style really comes into its own. They have an equally oversized cut and round off your outfit perfectly. No matter what you're more into, whether baggy jeans or baggy corduroy, we have it all in our range. Even baggy cargo pants and chinos. Color, leg width, type of fabric? With our baggy pants you have a free choice. Take a look around our range now.

Streetwear T-shirts: your loyal companions

Is skating a lifestyle that we live every day? not just on the board. Show your passion everywhere with our streetwear shirts. They are ultra-comfortable and put you in a good mood with their prints or embroidery. Try it out and become part of the crew!