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Our baggy corduroy trousers: retro and robust

Looking for durable baggy pants that will forgive you falls? Thanks to the material, corduroy trousers are the perfect candidate for this. A little material knowledge: Corduroy is a cotton fabric. What's special about it are the longitudinal ribs that give it the typical striped look. Their structure ensures the durability of the material. This means that corduroy pants don't tear as quickly in comparison. Ideal for when skating doesn't go as hoped. The trousers also keep you nice and warm, which is extremely practical, especially for autumn and winter.

Baggy corduroy pants also convey that vintage 90s vibe that we love so much. It is timeless and therefore always popular. In keeping with the OG era, you can get our pants in various shades of blue, black and olive. We also offer our x-tra-MONSTER corduroy trousers in a bright orange? for our homies who like eye-catching colors.

What width should your baggy corduroy pants be?

Legroom is one of the most important factors when skating. Since tastes are known to be different and everyone prefers a different width, we offer our baggy corduroy pants in different cuts . So everyone can find the optimal fit for themselves. Choose between:

  • x-tra BAGGY: The x-tra BAGGY cut is our classic. This will take you visually back to the early days. However, we modernized the design a bit and cropped the pants. This will prevent you from stepping on the hem. For safe skating, it becomes a little narrower from knee height onwards.
  • x-tra MONSTER: For maximum space, we recommend our corduroy trousers as x-tra MONSTER. They sit nice and loose at the hips and then flare out wide. Just like the x-tra BAGGY version, they are tapered so that the hem sits smoothly on your sneakers.

For the typical homeboy look, we of course didn't miss the opportunity to adopt key details from the 90s and 00s. That's why you'll find our gold-blue "Homeboy x-tra" embroidery on the front left side of the pants under the waistband. To make the pants an eye-catcher from the back, they have our black and white “Homeboy” patch on the belt loop and the typical X embroidery on the back pockets. Speaking of the back pockets: Our rainbow tab is also there.

The size is what matters

Well, sometimes that's true. Especially when it comes to the perfect fit of your baggy pants. Simply measure your hip circumference and determine your size using the following table:














Waist circumference (cm)














Finally, combine the number with the appropriate leg length: L30 (100 centimeters), L32 (106 centimeters) or L34 (112 centimeters). Just as you are most likely already used to.

Discover “The Original Baggy Pants”

Our baggy pants are the result of years of experience in the skatewear sector. Homeboy was the first brand in Europe and the third brand worldwide to have a lasting impact on style. We wanted to bring the advantages closer to skaters in Europe? and we did that. Thanks to the unmistakable vibe of Loud Couture , we have developed clothes that meet our skating needs.

If you want to be the proud owner of not only our baggy corduroy trousers, but also our baggy jeans, then please take a look around our range.