Reece Knobloch

More about Reece

When were you born?
Where were you born and what influenced you the most there?
I live in Karlsruhe, my parents adopted me at a very early age.
What is your great passion and what drives you?
What drives me is to reach my limits and skate every day. Just have fun!
What do you like to do with your free time when you're not pursuing your passion?
When I'm not skating, I like to go out in the forest or with friends.
How long have you been skating and what inspired you to do it?
I've been skating for about 13 years now and it's cool to meet new people, learn new things on the board.
What is your favorite spot and what makes it special?
I don't have a favorite spot, I enjoy exploring new locations and skating.
Are you goofy or regular?
I drive goofy.

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