Panos Loupis

More about Panos

What year were you born?
Where were you born and what was most influential to you about that place?
Athens, Greece. Food, culture and the people!
Where do you currently live and why did you decide to make it your home?
Currently living in Athens - Greece. Living in Athens, Greece is wild/hectic in terms of the big city lifestyle but the quality of life is one of the best worldwide. Plus super underrated or unseen worldwide - skate spots
What are you passionate about and what is your biggest motivator?
The biggest motivator is my friends and family and sharing what I learned all these years in the streets with the young bloods!
What do you like to do in your free time aside from your passion?
I enjoy playing the guitar or the drums, drawing, playing pc games mostly mmorpgs!
Since when have you been skateboarding and what inspired you to start?
Im skating since 2000 and the one thing that inspires me to keep skating is mental state you get into while you do it - kind of my meditation!
What's your favorite trick and why?
Fs flip - Andrew Reynolds
What's your favorite skatespot and what sets it apart from others?
My fav spot in my hometown is cause it has everything I need for a good warm up before street spots or for learning any kind of tricks transition or street!
Are you goofy or regular?

Kebab and Destroy