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Go with every outfit

Our hoodies are true all-rounders . You get them in different neutral colors like white, black or gray. This means you can match them perfectly with your trousers, for example baggy jeans . But don't worry, they are still anything but simple. We didn't miss the opportunity to place our Homeboy logo on it.

Our embroidered hoodies

If you still prefer subtle designs , then take a look at our embroidered hoodies. They have the logo at chest height. Depending on the model, it has a different style: For example, in our Nappo hoodie we used the gold-colored yarn that is also used in our baggy pants. Thanks to the color, it stands out beautifully and is shown to its best advantage.

Our print versions

Our print hoodies attract significantly more attention when worn. There you will find our well-known “Homeboy Loud Couture” graphic twice: as a small print on the front and as a brilliant back print across the entire back. This will definitely make a statement.

The old-school logo even still has the dotted structure that was created in the late 80s when it was enlarged on a photocopier. Our Fat Lips print is interesting for fans of vintage motifs. It's absolutely iconic too. We also have the completely filled out logo in the new school version as you know it.

Would you like to bring a little more color into play? No problem, our RAINBOW hoodie is predominantly golden yellow.

It doesn't always have to be a hoodie

In order to meet the tastes of as many of our homies as possible, we also have sweatshirts in our range that don't have a hood. This means everyone can find the right piece. Here too you can choose between embroidered motifs and eye-catching prints. With our chenille sweatshirt you've really arrived in the 90s.

In terms of color, our sweatshirts are rather dark in black and gray tones. But we have one or two more colorful models for you.

Soft material for the feel-good factor

We use 100% pure cotton for our hoodies. Therefore, they are robust and will accompany you for a long time. To keep you nice and warm, many of our models are lined with fleece . You can really snuggle up in it. At the same time, you can easily wear your streetwear hoodies on the board. Thanks to the cotton, they are breathable and allow you to make the wildest moves.

In addition to the large hood, which is simply part of a hoodie, most of our models have a large kangaroo pocket on the stomach. If your hands are cold, you can warm them up quickly.

Discover your new favorite street style hoodie

Would you like to go out in the evening? Take a hoodie with you. It's the weekend and you're looking forward to a relaxing day? Put on a hoodie. You see: Hoodies are suitable for every occasion. Therefore, it is important that you can rely on them. Our slightly oversized street style hoodies and sweatshirts fit loosely and give your outfit a casual touch.

In addition to the nice sweaters, you will also find other streetwear for women . For warm days, we have a large selection of skatewear T-shirts that you can also wear under your hoodie. So you are perfectly dressed for every season. For those really cold winter days when we would prefer to stay at home, we have cozy jackets for you.