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Fleece jackets: like a blanket to take with you

Hardly any jacket offers as much comfort as a fleece jacket. The soft fabric hugs you gently and keeps you warm all day long. Therefore, you are optimally equipped for a walk or a skate session. Our fleece jackets have an embroidered Homeboy logo on the chest and on the back, which is a little eye-catcher. They also have side pockets in which you can either take essentials with you or simply warm up your hands.

The jacket falls very loosely on the shoulders, but it is cropped overall so that you don't sink into it. The combination of casual and yet figure-hugging really works here.

Streetwear jackets made of twill and corduroy: a mix of a shirt and a jacket

Our casual twill jackets are perfect for homies who don't want to choose between a shirt and a jacket. The fabric is breathable , so you can wear corduroy jackets while skating without any problems. Combine them with your favorite shirt or hoodie and baggy jeans and you're ready for the day.

We have placed eye-catching seams in the shape of an X on the back. There you will also find our Rainbow Flytab and a Homeboy logo. On the front, we adopted other elements of the baggy pants, such as the “Homeboy x-tra” embroidery.

Streetwear jackets made of denim: perfect for everyday wear

Denim is an extremely durable material. We take advantage of this with our baggy jeans. They can withstand one or two bails without breaking straight away. For the right counterpart, we have denim jackets in our range for you. No matter whether you want to wear them with baggy jeans as double denim or combine them with other baggy pants, they are always an excellent choice.

In terms of color, the jackets also go perfectly with your baggy pants. You get them in classic blue tones . We also cheekily adopted the pockets of the baggy jeans as breast pockets. This means you still have a bit of storage space, which becomes an eye-catcher.

Quilted winter jackets: for wind and weather

When snow and frost add up in the depths of winter, then it's time for winter jackets . We provide you with quilted jackets to keep you well wrapped up. They are not cropped so that you don't give the cold a chance.

When it comes to the colors of your new jacket, you can choose from red and rose tones . However, the neck and chest area is contrasted with a deep black and creates a nice contrast. You can find our logo in different color combinations on the neck, on the left arm and next to the zipper bar. That's why our winter jackets are anything but simple.

Chill through the cold season with Homeboy

With our streetwear jackets you are prepared for autumn and winter . They not only emphasize your style, but also keep you warm. Since the fabrics are breathable, you can easily wear them all day long. Thanks to a variety of materials, you can find exactly the models that suit you. Combine them with your favorite pieces and feel completely comfortable.

At Homeboy we have other streetwear for women for you, such as streetwear T-shirts or hoodies . With the essentials you don't just show your passion on the board. Matching baggy pants complete your outfit. Please take a look around our range.