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Old school vibes for your wardrobe

So that you can find exactly the baggy pants that suit you, we make our pants from different materials . Simply choose the style that appeals to you most:

  • Denim : Baggy jeans are simply a classic. Thanks to the denim, they can withstand a lot and will forgive you if you fall off the board. Did you know that the name of the fabric refers to the city it originally comes from? It was first used in Nîmes.
  • Chino twill : Our baggy chinos are an elegant skatewear option. You can wear them all day long, both in the office and in the park. In addition, they are the optimal choice for the warmer seasons because the fabric is permeable to air.
  • Cargo : Cargo pants also work well in higher temperatures. They have a decisive advantage: multiple pockets. This means you can always carry all your important things with you.
  • Corduroy : Corduroy is a thick cotton fabric that is extremely resilient. Our baggy corduroy trousers are a must-have in any wardrobe.

However, all baggy trousers have one thing in common: the unmistakable homeboy look . This includes the X embroidery on the back pockets and a rainbow tab. Our baggy jeans and baggy corduroy trousers also have a blue and gold Homeboy embroidery above the front left trouser pocket. The design is reminiscent of the 90s and 00s and therefore exudes real vintage vibes . So perfect for the next street session.

Sit casually: our baggy trousers for women

Fitted at the hips and slightly cropped ? This is what defines the cut of our baggy trousers. The hem rests on the sneakers so that they don't become a tripping hazard. The trouser legs come together from knee height, so they are tapered . The large trouser pockets ensure that you always have everything important with you. Our Work Pants and Baggy Cargo Pants even have additional pockets.

To find the right trousers for you, we have a size table in which you can determine your size based on your hip circumference:














Waist circumference (cm)













Then you choose the right length. The trouser leg should rest loosely on your sneakers. Choose between L30 (100 centimeters), L32 (106 centimeters) and L34 (112 centimeters).

Our baggy trousers to suit your style

To underline your personal style, we offer our baggy pants for women not only in different styles, but also in different cuts . Our x-tra BAGGY is normal baggy pants as you know them. It gives you plenty of legroom, which makes your life easier, especially when skating. This also gives you a comfortable cut in everyday life. If that's not enough for you, then choose our x-tra MONSTER variant. It definitely lives up to its name and allows you maximum movement with its wide legs. The cut ensures that you can still walk comfortably in them.

Find your new baggy pants for women at Homeboy

With us you get Loud Couture . So skatewear that stands out and faces new challenges. This has been our position since the 1990s . We at Homeboy made baggy pants so popular in Europe. And now we are happy that our “Original Baggy Pants” are so well received.

Feel free to take a look around our range and discover the new baggy pants that suit you. In addition to baggy corduroy trousers , how about classic baggy jeans or baggy cargo pants ? Our baggy shorts are also ideal for summer.