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Cord: Your loyal companion

If a pair of trousers is resilient, then it's made of corduroy. Thanks to the material you don't have to worry about skating? not even with new tricks. The fabric with the iconic longitudinal rib pattern is ultra-robust. This means the pants can withstand your moves. The material is also relatively thick , so you will be perfectly warm in autumn and winter. Therefore, the trousers are the optimal choice, especially in the colder seasons.

Little fun fact : The term cord probably comes from the English term corduroy . Since the velvet fabric was mainly produced in Manchester, it is sometimes called that. Therefore, it has something in common with the denim fabric, whose origin is also included in the name.

Baggy corduroy pants: totally nineties

Our baggy corduroy trousers are not only suitable for every situation, they also simply look old school ? and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with our designs. They are reminiscent of the early days of streetwear, which we celebrate so much.

We have adapted the cut to modern requirements . As usual with baggies, you have full freedom of movement. However, the legs are slightly tapered , so they come together again from the middle of the leg. This protects the hem, which sits nicely on your sneakers.

To perfect the 90s vibe, we've revived some of the key details from back then. This includes the rainbow Flytab on the right back pocket and the colorful “homeboy x-tra” embroidery above the left front pocket. This attention to detail is what makes our homeboy pieces so unmistakable.

Discover the beach look

One of our collections is the x-tra BEACH BAGGY . Just like our other baggy pants, they offer you a lot of space without slipping. The beach version goes one step further in terms of comfort. Instead of a zipper and a button, you can expect a cool elastic waistband . So it always sits casually without being restrictive. In addition, the trousers look more like chinos with their piped pockets. A wild mix? Maybe, but it's definitely worth it.

Find the right size for your baggy corduroy trousers easily

To ensure that your new baggy pants fit really well, the right fit is important. We want to enable all homies to discover clothes that suit their taste. That's why we offer our pants in many different sizes.

To find your size, simply measure your leg length and hip circumference. You can then read them in the table below:














Waist circumference (cm)













Now all you need is the number for your leg length: L30 is 100 centimeters, L32 is 106 centimeters and L34 is 112 centimeters.

Baggy corduroy pants for women: Wear the original

Homeboy not only stands for nice designs, but also for authenticity . In the early 90s we were one of the pioneers in popularizing streetwear. So that fans of the scene have the chance to wear skatewear, we quickly brought the baggy pants to Europe. Now we're overjoyed that so many homies are showing their love for it.

If you like to wear jeans alongside corduroy trousers, we have a large selection of baggy jeans for you. Feel free to take a look around our shop.