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Ultra comfortable and practical at the same time

Baggy cargo pants not only give you plenty of space for your belongings, but also for your legs. Thanks to the generous cut , you have enough freedom to move around on your board without restrictions. At the same time, the Baggy Cargo Pants fit fitted on the hips without slipping. From the knee onwards, the trouser legs taper slightly closer together again. This means they don't interfere with skating.

The pants are made of a cotton-ripstop blend and can therefore withstand a lot. At the same time, they are breathable , making them the ideal pants for summer. You can choose between a timeless black or olive tones. They can be wonderfully combined with white or black oversized shirts. Just combine what you're up for.

The chic version: our Chino Baggy Pants

If you like something a little more elegant , our chino baggy pants for women are the right thing for you. In comparison, they have fewer pockets than the cargo baggy pants, but they impress with a very discreet look? But they are by no means well-behaved or stuffy . They also have the x-tra-BAGGY cut and are tapered at the bottom. You get them in beige and black so you can even wear them to the office.

Admittedly, our beach baggy pants are a bit of a break in style . They are cut like our chinos, but have an elastic waistband . At first glance, they look similar to jogging pants. Don't worry, they aren't. Nevertheless, they are similarly comfortable, which is why you can easily wear them all day long, especially on weekends. The piped pockets give them a chic look. Just like our chinos, we offer them in black and beige.

Our baggy cargo pants: old school, but never out of style

Baggy cargo pants always work , especially when skating. This means you can do the wildest moves on your board and then chill out with friends in the park or at the lake. With the rainbow tab they are reminiscent of our 90s trousers. That's exactly the vibe we're going for with our streetwear. Our chino baggy pants also have the unmistakable gold and blue “Homeboy x-tra” embroidery as well as our black and white “Homeboy” patch. Here a modern cut meets a vintage design from the 90s and 00s.

In addition to choosing the model that suits you in terms of style, the right size is also important. To do this you need the length of your legs and your hip circumference. We offer three leg length sizes: L30 (100 centimeters), L 32 (106 centimeters) and L34 (112 centimeters).

Then just take a look at the following table:














Waist circumference (cm)













Finally, you combine the corresponding number for the circumference with the length of the pants and get, for example, size 26 L32.

Enjoy the comfort of our Cargo Baggy Pants every day

Our Cargo Baggy Pants are comfortable to wear. With them you also have an OG in your closet. All of our baggy pants are nicknamed “The Original Baggy Pants” because it was Homeboy who brought the hype about wide pants to Germany and then to Europe in the 90s. We are extremely proud of that.

Skating is our passion and that's exactly what we show with our Loud Couture , which also includes other trousers such as baggy jeans for women . If you would like to find out more about our products, please write to us using our contact form or give us a call.