From Europe's business capitol to the capitol of love… From Frankfurt/Main to Paris!

The collaboration between Homeboy and Wasted Paris connects two brands with not only the same passion for skateboarding and clothing, but also a common sense of aesthetics.

With Homeboy's two most wanted baggy pant models, the x-tra MONSTER Denim in Moon and the x-tra MONSTER Corduroy in black they contribute their unique fit and the evaluated quality. Combined with the creativity of Wasted Paris, the baggies were refined with the most stylish details… They blacked out the classic rainbow tab, stitched their cooperate designs on the x-tra fat back pockets and created a fusion between the two brand labels to embroider it on the front pockets. To finish the pants off, the Wasted Paris Crew recreated the legendary Homeboy logo which now labels the pant on the waistband. The worlds best fitting baggy pants X the most creative and edgy skate clothing brand from the city of love…

Sounds like your new favorite collab baggy to us! The baggies are exclusive and limited.