Dear Homies,

Because we are united in our hearts, but physically spread all over Europe and as far as Brazil, we want to write you a letter. But since reading is boring and uncool, we've put together a video of our adventures on the skateboard. So sit back and enjoy skate action at the iconic spots of Barcelona and historic curbs from Munich. On top of that, we bring you creative lines from Innsbruck, Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin and Sao Paulo. Even though we are so far away from each other, skateboarding brings us together. So we send you sunny greetings to wherever you might be right now.

Lot's of love, your homies

Daniel Ledermann, Wanja Bach, Panos Loupis, Matheus Dubronks, Vinicius Santos, Melika Nazari, Anton Wessely, Sakari “Weski” Weskinen, Domi Maul, Fiona Wessely, Ali Jbilou, Marcel “Locopapi” Rieger, Simone Kirchebner

Filmed by:

Klavs Iaivenieks, Rafael Galvao, César Moreno, Simon Rieder, Daniel Ledermann, Aleksi Suovaara, Teemu Metsäkylä, Jaasir Linger, Additional filming: Peter Mader, Benedikt Schlosser, Joscha Aicher, Stevie Schmidt, Stefan Meixner, Elias Peter, Wanja Bach