When we first came across Laura's Instagram profile, we knew who must be behind this rough art.... A metropolitan individual at Choice, with a little too many plants and a little too little furniture in an apartment where the walls are papered with impressive art and the carpet has changed colors over the years of creative work. Quite far from it... Since Laura's art immediately caught our attention, we couldn't help but contact her involuntarily "via DM". Contrary to our expectations, a very down-to-earth, organized and sympathetic woman from the Ruhrpott answered us. As a result we had the pleasure to welcome the, in our opinion, most charismatic German photographer in our team for artists. Now it did not take long until the idea of a collaboration in the form of a fusion of our two "u.s.p." (unique selling points) was born: Laura's collages on our baggies. So we equipped the artist and photographer with our X-TRA SWARM CHINO BAGGYS and she organized a textile printer from her dad. When the scissors stopped glowing after cutting the photographs, Dad's printer started doing it... placing the images on the pants and then using high heat to bond them to the cotton of the baggy. This manual process meant that no two pairs of pants were the same, and only one-of-a-kind pieces were created. The finished product was captured by Laura herself in front of and behind the camera. The photos of Laura were taken by Zeliha Cambaz, while Laura photographed the male model Joel. Last but not least, the finished DIY Laura X HOMEBOY Baggy Collaboration was raffled off on Instagram. But now enjoy the pictures of the finished product and the creative process that led us to this stunning result: